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Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of people with some type of a visual impairment in Florida?

Established in 1953, the Florida Council of the Blind (FCB) is the largest self-advocacy and support group of its kind in the state with many local chapters and several special interest affiliate groups, including a Chapter of At-Large Members (CALM) for those who are in an area where there is no local chapter.  Our members are of all ages from students to seniors.  Since its inception, our primary goals have been to encourage independence and enhance the quality of life of people who are blind/visually impaired.  FCB promotes independence by bringing together people who have visual challenges in common at an annual convention.  Our gatherings are packed with information on a variety of subjects such as access to information and employment, technological advances, legislative issues, and pedestrian safety.


  • White Cane Bulletin – A bimonthly publication produced by FCB with interesting articles and helpful resource information.
  • Braille Forum – A magazine produced by the American Council of the Blind (ACB) with articles and information geared toward national and world-wide blindness related issues.
  • Scholarships – Each year FCB makes available several scholarships for those wishing to advance their education.
  • Annual convention – FCB hosts a gathering where knowledgeable presenters, exhibitors, legislative experts, and a representative from our parent organization ACB are brought together so attendees may ask questions and learn about current issues involving people who are blind.

There are local FCB chapters located throughout the state of Florida, please check our website for chapter contact information.


Realizing the diversity of our members, FCB makes available membership in special interest groups.  These affiliates include:

  • Coalition for the Concerns of the Totally Blind – for people who are totally blind.
  • Florida Council of Citizens with Low Vision – for people who have some residual vision.
  • Guide Dog Users of Florida- guide dog handlers and those interested in related issues.
  • Braille Revival League of Florida – people committed to advocating for the continued use of braille.
  • Randolph Sheppard Vendors of Florida – entrepreneurs.

Each one of us, sighted or blind, is unique in our own talents and interests.  FCB has something for everyone and encourages independence, opportunity and equality for all! 
Come “see” what we have to offer you!
We serve all of Florida.


Because the members of the Florida Council of the Blind (FCB) believe anyone with a visual impairment can live an active and productive life, Project Insight was created.  We reach out to people who have recently become blind or visually impaired to help them adjust to the loss of sight and regain their quality of life.  Project Insight is an outreach service of the FCB. 

We provide information, encouragement, and referrals to local, state, and national services that are available to the visually impaired. We can also suggest areas for social interaction and community involvement.

To learn more about this service, contact us by calling:
(800) 26-SIGHT (800) 267-4448

You may have lost your sight,
but not your “INSIGHT”.

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