ACB Stipend for FCB members

Download MS Word 2024 FCB Stipend for ACB Convention Information
Download MS Word 2024 FCB Application for ACB Stipend

The Florida Council of the Blind is offering a $500.00 (five hundred dollar) stipend to assist eligible individuals to attend the ACB national convention to be held in Jacksonville. The Board authorized six stipends so folks should apply quickly. We will award stipends to qualified applicants and when we have awarded six, we will stop. We know that this stipend will not fully cover anyone's expenses at the convention, but we know it will assist those who would welcome the chance to be there! The form lists individuals who are not eligible. It also indicates what you need to do to qualify.

We do not expect a candidate to write a lot but want to know a little about each applicant. Applicants must complete their application and it must be submitted no later than May 30. No handwritten applications will be accepted. Applications should be sent to the President of the Florida Council of the Blind at or can be mailed to 2304 Amherst Avenue, Orlando, FL 32804, or submit the below online application.  A committee has been appointed to consider applications. A decision will be made no later than June 10 2024. Funds will be paid immediately after the convention to those who are supported and who do what is expected of them at the convention.

FCB is pleased to be able to offer these stipends and hopes that everyone who attends the national convention will bring enthusiasm, participation and information back to our affiliate.


FCB 2024 Application for ACB Stipend
I send and receive text messages from the following phone number:
Choose if you do not send or receive text messages.
I am 18 years or older: *
I am legally blind: *
I realize anyone eligible to receive any other funding, such as ACB board members or officers, members being supported by other affiliates, award winners, a delegate or alternate for FCB is not eligible to apply. *
I understand this is only to assist me in attending; and will not cover my entire cost. *
I am a member in good standing of FCB. *
Do you agree to write an article for the White Cane Bulletin or the ACB Braille Forum after your experience at ACB national? *
I realize I will be expected to sit with the Florida delegation during at least two general sessions during the convention. *