Project Insight: A Resource for People Who are

Blind or losing vision


Local Number: 386-763-3836

The Florida Council of the Blind (FCB), a state affiliate of the American Council of the Blind (ACB), is a statewide organization of blind people working to make life better through public education, legislative actions, and providing a statewide information and referral service through Project Insight.

FCB is also an organization designed to provide resources to the Visually Impaired community. We offer educational, social, and economic opportunities specific to the needs of blind individuals.

If you have questions about FCB, you may call 800-267-4448, or our local number 386-763-3836, or send email to

2017 FCB Convention

The 2017 FCB Convention will be in Jacksonville, Florida Thursday, June 1 to Sunday June 4. We will be staying at the Lexington Riverwalk Hotel and Conference Center, 1515 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207. Call 904-396-5100 or 877-539-7070 to make reservations. Room rates are $85.00 per night. A complimentary breakfast is included.

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