Project Insight

A Resource for People Who are Blind or Losing Their Sight

Phone: 1-800-26-SIGHT (1-800-267-4448)

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Mission Statement

To promote the availability of helpful resources which will assist people who are visually impaired to adjust to their vision loss

To train and maintain a network of people throughout the state to support and to assist with questions about blindness


by Patricia Goodchild

I opened my eyes, but I could not see.
My world came crashing down on me.
My life was over, what would I do?
I couldn't express my fear to you.

I built a wall so you couldn't reach me.
I wouldn't allow you to try to teach me.
I cried alone 'til I fell asleep.
My desolation was now complete.

I dreamed I saw a brilliant light
That erased the darkness from the night.
Words came floating into my head.
"There's another way of looking at life, instead."

Morning found me calm, my mind was clear.
I started to plan where I'd go from here.
I reached out my hand and dialed the phone.
"Project Insight", a soft voice intoned.

I learned invaluable information about my plight
That helped through the transition of losing my sight.
Project Insight became to me,
The lifeline I needed to set me free.

Dedicated with much love to
Nancy Folsom and Nigel Ricards