Mixed Visions: A Poem In Dialogue

By William Grignon

HIM: I can do it.
HER: I know you can.
HIM: Don’t rush me.
HER: I’m not doing anything.
HIM: I used to be able…
HER: Well, things change…
HIM: What the hell…
HER: You missed something…
HIM: I know, I know, just wait…
HER: We have to go…
HIM: It’s this stupid thing…
HER: Do you need some help?
HIM: What, I’m now helpless?
HER: I didn’t say that.
HIM: You didn’t have to.
HER: Maybe not helpless, just touchy.
HIM: Well, it’s no fun…
HER: I didn’t say it was…
IM: Damn it!
HER: Can I help?
HIM: Yeah, you can shoot me.
HER: Don’t tempt me.
HIM: Forget it – here!
HIM: Happy now?
HER: You’re an idiot.
HIM: just one more thing I can’t do.
HER: Add it to the list.
HIM: Boy, that’s supportive.
HER: I’m not joining your pity party.
HIM: It seems to be the only party in town…
HER: We have to go.
HIM: Did you see where I put that other thing?
HER: What, am I your maid?
HIM: Well, you’re so all-fired up to help.
HER: I’m just trying to get things done.
HIM: I could have done it.
HER: Sure, but we didn’t have all day.
HIM: Are you sure you want to go?
HER: Well, if I don’t drive, how are you getting there?
HIM: I could walk.
HER: With your cane skills?
HIM: I could hitch.
HER: With that sour puss?
HIM: Why do I feel like a bag of dirty laundry?
HER: Probably because you think of yourself as a bag of dirty laundry.
HIM: Do you have the address?
HER: I thought you had it.
HIM: Oh, great.
HER: I can’t do everything.
HIM: Who’s asking you to?
HER: Do the math…
HIM: It seems the more you do, the less I can do.
HER: And the less you think you can do, the more I have to do.
HIM: You’re a regular rescuing angel.
HER: And you’re a big fat spoiled brat.
HIM: Great, now you’re my mother?
HER: No thanks, I need a man.
HIM: Sorry, I left my manhood in my other pants…
HER: You lost your eyes, not your-
HIM: It doesn’t feel that way…
HER: I can’t take much more of this.
HIM: What, you’re going to skip out?
HER: This isn’t what I signed up for.
HIM: Well, I’m sorry life sucks the big one.
HER: It doesn’t have to.
HIM: Easy for you to say.
HER: I’m going.
HIM: Are you coming back?
HER: It depends…
HIM: On what?
HER: I think you know…
HIM: If you stay, I promise-
HER: No more promises.
HIM: What if…?
HER: Nope.
HIM: How about…?
HER: Stop!
HER: I’ll be back…
HIM: Hey, did you see the remote?
HER: Are you for real?
HIM: Just kidding…
HER: I’m out of here.
HIM: Are you coming back?
HER: It depends…
HIM: I think we already went through this mulberry bush.
HER: Later…
HIM: I love you.
HIM: I love you!
HIM: I wish I was dead…
HER: Nice…
HIM: I thought you had left.
HER: maybe I have…