Talking Books in the Hospital: A New Chapter?

By Jeff Saunders

Progress is measured in many ways!  Lee Memorial Hospital / Gulf Coast Medical Center will be the first Florida hospital system to invite Talking Books into its facility, expanding the horizon of patient care during extended stays and more.  The Hospital fully recognizes the benefits of this service in meeting patient needs, which is a major concern.  The Hospital’s customer service department will handle the operational aspects with support from a local Talking Book volunteer.  Future plans could include the entire Lee Memorial Hospital complex.

On a similar note, the Lee Memorial Healthy Life Center in Estero, Florida recently sponsored a Talking Books Seminar featuring a local Talking Books volunteer.  Approval was granted to incorporate Talking Books into any seminars offered at this location on the topics of eye care and aging to educate the local area’s growing communities. 

There should be more to come as word spreads and disability turns into independence in Lee County, Florida with the power of Talking Books!

The author, Jeff Saunders, is a Library patron and member of the Friends of Library Access, Inc. If you would like to join in the effort to spread the word about Talking Books in your area, please call 386-239-6043.
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