2016 FCB Award Winners

By William Benjamin

At this year’s convention, FCB’s Awards Committee was pleased and proud to have recognized a few valuable members and community advocates. The committee members were William Benjamin, Sheila Young, and Jason Goldfield. The committee would like to thank those people who took the time to nominate well-qualified individuals. The 2016 award recipients certainly embody the spirit of the Florida Council of the Blind. In addition, 10 chapter awards submitted by appreciative affiliates, three state awards – all named in honor of former leaders and advocates for independence of blind and visually impaired persons – as well as the special Presidential Award, were presented.

The Dolly Gamble Award was received by Paloma Rambana. The R. Henry P. Johnson was awarded to Kathy Millican. The Legislative Award was presented to Bill Cowles, the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.

President Jim Kracht presented his special President’s Award to Mikey Wiseman for his countless hours of dedication to FCB.

The new chair, Sheila Young, along with Jason Goldfield and Shelley Sawyer, will now accept award nominations for the 2017 state convention. Those well-deserving individuals will be honored at the 2017 state convention in Orlando. Remember, the deadline to nominate people who deserve recognition is March 1, 2017. If you know of and appreciate someone who has provided outstanding service to people who are blind, please nominate him or her so we all can recognize that person.