Application and Renewal Form

For each new member of a chapter or current member who has changed his/her address, please COMPLETE the Application and Renewal Form and send it to the FCB Membership Secretary. Make sure that ALL questions and choices are filled out correctly.

1. When writing the address, please remember to include whether the person lives on a street, avenue, lane, etc. and include apartment numbers if applicable.

2. Remember to indicate preferred format for both the White Cane Bulletin and Braille Forum.

3. You must indicate whether a person is blind, legally blind, or sighted. If sighted, FCB and the chapter must put postage on any mailing to him/her.

4. Please include birth dates. Birth years are optional, but appreciated.

5. Please indicate whether the person is a patron of the Braille and Talking Book Library. Mass mailings from the Library are sent to patrons only. FCB members who are not patrons-may assure inclusion in the mailings if they identify themselves as non-patrons.

6. Periodically, the Chapter Membership Secretary should survey members as to the accuracy of their membership information.