Sample letter for outstanding senior for awards committee

TO: DBS Counselors Working With High School Seniors
FROM: (name of current Awards Committee Chair)
(current year) Awards Committee Chair

SUBJECT: Submission of Nominations for Florida Council of the Blind's (FCB) Annual Award For Outstanding High School Senior

Please share the attached information with the vision teachers working with high school seniors. If there are any questions I can be reached at (Award Committee Chair's email and phone number, including area code).

Thank you.


This award is intended to honor a legally blind high school senior in Florida, who in academics, school and community has performed better than all his/her peers. The award may consist of a plaque to be presented at the time of graduation.

If the student chooses to attend FCB's Annual Convention, FCB will offer to pay the student's transportation expenses.


The name and address of the school, as well as the names of the principal and teachers must accompany the narrative nomination. Evidence of superior scores on the SAT, ACT, College Boards or an equivalent instrument shall be presented with the nomination. The narrative should include details of the student's involvement in extra- curricular activities, student government and community service. Supporting letters from teachers, employers, etc. would be helpful.

Nominations must be postmarked no later than (date to be determined by committee), and sent to:

FCB Awards Chairperson
(email and address for the current chair)