1. Awards

All nominations for awards to be presented at the Annual Convention must be received by the Awards Committee Chairperson no later than January 31st of the year in which the award is to be given. This deadline is necessary in order that all nominations can be collected and organized so the Committee may deliberate and select award winners at the Spring Board Meeting. The Committee requests that all letters, nominations and other materials be either taped, typed or brailled for easy processing (see guidelines).

2. Dues

All membership dues ($6 per chapter member) MUST be received by the FCB Membership Secretary no later than November 30th of each year. Chapter cooperation with this deadline will enable FCB to comply with the membership requirements of the American Council of the Blind.

3. Fund Raising

Fund raising projects involving professional fund raisers or that may present blindness or disability in a negative light MUST have prior approval of the FCB Budget and Finance Committee.

4. Constitution and By-Laws

Any chapter wishing to modify or amend its Constitution and/or By-Laws must submit the proposed document to the FCB Constitution and By-Laws Committee for approval.

5. Financial Forms

All federal and state financial forms must be completed per the instructions received with the form. (See APPENDIX I for a variety of necessary financial forms.)