The purpose of the Florida Council of the Blind (FCB) Governmental Affairs committee is to:

A. Monitor the ongoing work of the Florida Legislature and the Florida Congressional Delegation and to bring to their attention the positive and/or negative effects of proposed legislation on those of us who are blind or visually impaired,

B. Seek their support for necessary legislation that will end exclusion from the equality of opportunity that is an integral benefit of citizenship in this country,

C. Evaluate and advise chapter and special interest affiliate leaders as well as the general membership regarding the best avenue for ensuring a positive outcome for the issues they bring forward by recommending legislative or community or state department-based action and to seek or national support for any legislative action that may be required to resolve these issues.

D. Publicize information about legislative initiatives supported or opposed by the American Council of the Blind (ACB),

E. Publicize the actions taken or under consideration by this committee on the FCB website, its listservs, and its Executive Committee, Presidents, and community calls as appropriate,

F. Provide information to the FCB membership to equip them to add their voices to the publicity of these issues,

G. Build relationships with Florida's local, state and national leaders that will bring about knowledge of this organization and respect for its views and values,

H. Choose individuals to represent FCB on Capitol Hill during the ACB Legislative Seminar, using the guidelines prepared by this committee and ratified by the FCB Constitution and Bylaws Committee, and

I. Prepare and host an annual FCB Legislative Seminar designed to educate and to introduce members to State and National leaders and to allow them to hear from their colleagues who have advocated locally, in Tallahassee and on Capitol Hill.