The primary duty of the Publications and Publicity Committee is to oversee the various print and electronic communication platforms of the Florida Council of the Blind.

This committee shall establish policies of and review the material published in the White Cane Bulletin. It is also the responsibility of this committee to maintain and monitor the FCB webpage, as well as the FCB Facebook pages or groups, and to ensure that all content therein remains appropriate.
All FCB publications must maintain an objective view on all issues, unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors.

This committee shall recommend candidates for the White Cane Bulletin editor, who will be approved by the Executive Committee. The Publications Committee will also review the performance of the editor.

Editor Functions:
The editor receives articles, promotions of upcoming relevant events, creative writing, and a variety of other submissions relevant to FCB, ACB, and the broader blind and visually impaired community. These items may be submitted by FCB or ACB members. The editor may also write his or her own content or publish content from other sources, as long as the original author and source are cited.

Submissions are edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The editor has the authority to screen content for appropriateness. Content that contains inappropriate material or is blatantly advertising products or services will not be included in the White Cane Bulletin. The editor should not make significant changes to content without communicating with the original author about these changes

Operating Mechanics
The White Cane Bulletin is published bi-monthly during odd numbered months. Articles and information must be submitted to the editor by the 15th of the month prior to publication. A one-week lag time is necessary for proofing, typing, and layout.

The editor will email a regular print and large print copy of the White Cane Bulletin to the FCB administrative assistant who will check it for possible errors and formatting issues. The administrative assistant will then email a regular print and large print copy to the printer, and will email a regular print copy to the Talking Book Library for recording and brailling. The administrative assistant will also email a copy to the FCB website administrator to post on the website, and email a copy to the mass White Cane Bulletin email subscription list.

The White Cane Bulletin is published every two months and should be received by readers about the first week of the second month.
NOTE: Although deadlines have been established, many contingencies can and will arise which will, at times, make it impossible to meet the exact time frame.

The primary purpose of publicity is to create public awareness and a good public image for the Council and visually impaired people as a whole. A further duty of this committee is to inform the general public of the objectives and positive efforts of the Florida Council of the Blind. It will continually update brochures for distribution to chapters.