This committee is to promote growth of the Florida Council of the Blind through assistance to existing affiliates and development of new chapters in the state. The committee serves as a forum to air concerns of FCB's members and will disseminate membership materials as delineated below.

A. One or more members of the Membership and/or Executive Committee will help interested individuals to establish a chapter where a chapter is appropriate and beneficial (see Article III of the Constitution).

B. The committee will consult and cooperate with chapters, the FCB Board of Directors, and members of the organization to encourage growth and retention of membership.

Chapter Membership Policy

A. Dues, submitted to FCB, as directed by the FCB By-Laws (Article III): Annual FCB membership dues), for each chapter member shall be three dollars ($3.00) above those of the American Council of the Blind. Dues for each member-at-large shall be two dollars ($2.00) more than those submitted to FCB for each chapter member. An accurate membership roster MUST be submitted to the FCB Membership Secretary by November 30th of each year. Chapters submitting dues and rosters after November 30th, may not vote at the annual convention. The chapter Board of Directors MUST ensure that dues, assessments and correct and legible rosters are submitted on time.

B. Reports of all new members and address changes should be sent to the Membership Secretary as they occur. The official membership form or required member information, which is taken from the application and renewal form, should be submitted for each new member. REMEMBER that a chapter's OFFICIAL membership for voting at the annual convention is the one sent to the FCB Membership Secretary by November 30th of each year. The names of new members reported after that date are not counted for convention voting purposes.

C. When an individual joins a chapter after the annual membership report is submitted, dues should not be sent to FCB. However, DO SEND the completed membership application or required member information so the new member can begin receiving the White Cane Bulletin and Braille Forum. (Allow two months to process new member information.)

D. Copies of the enclosed Membership application and Renewal Form should be made. Enter chapter information at the top of each form and send completed form or required member information to the FCB Membership Secretary as soon as a new member joins.