This portion of the policy manual describes the objectives of the organization, who are served, why the service is provided, and how the objectives are reached. The purpose of the FCB is to strive for the betterment of the total community by:

A. Conducting a program of public education which promotes understanding among blind people, employers, state and local officials and the community at large;

B. Providing a forum for the views of all blind individuals in the state;

C. Advocating for social, economic, and cultural opportunities for blind people;

D. Improving educational and rehabilitation facilities;

E. Broadening vocational opportunities;

F. Encouraging and assisting blind people, especially the newly blind, to develop their abilities and potentialities, and to assume their responsible place in the community;

G. Cooperating with the public and private institutions and agencies of and for blind people;

H. Providing for the free exchange of ideas, opinions and information related to matters of concern to blind people through periodic publications.