Florida Council of Citizens with Low Vision

Florida Council of Citizens with Low Vision (FCCLV) is an affiliate of Florida Council of the Blind; American Council of the Blind; and, the Council of Citizens with Low Vision, International (CCLVI). Our members receive publications from each of these organizations with which they can stay current on blindness issues. FCCLV distributes the Viewpoint newsletter four times, annually.

The purpose of FCCLV is:

1. To establish the rights of all persons with Low Vision to utilize their remaining vision with all necessary devices, services and technology.

2. To educate persons with Low Vision, as well as the public and the professionals in the field of Low Vision, to potentialities, capabilities and needs of people with Low Vision.

3. To provide an avenue through which persons with Low Vision can express his individual requirements, interests, and preferences unique to each person.

4. To establish and maintain outreach programs to ensure that all individuals with Low Vision have access to all necessary and new services and products for people with Low Vision.

5. To promote research to prevent blindness and encourage development of devices and technologies to assist persons with Low Vision

6. To provide advocacy assistance to our members and others in preventing and/or resolving incidents of discrimination, misunderstanding or violation of rights of persons with Low Vision.

We meet at the FCB Convention and quarterly by phone.

If you would like to become a member of our organization, please contact Leslie Spoone, at 407-678-4163.



Paul Lewis

1st Vice President

Janet Acheson

2nd Vice President

Jeanine Gates

Recording Secretary

Sharon Youngs


Bill Freeman

Membership Secretary

Leslie Spoone

Board Representative

Paul Lewis