Coalition for the Concerns of the Totally Blind

The Coalition For The Concerns Of The Totally Blind (CCTB) is an affiliate of the Florida Council of the Blind.

The purpose of CCTB is to help improve the success and independence of people who are totally blind through collective efforts to ensure equal opportunity and accessibility to all programs and services throughout the state of Florida.

We also educate the general public as to the needs, capabilities, and potentialities of people who are totally blind, and provide peer support or assistance for those who would like it.

CCTB members meet once a year in person at the FCB state convention, and also have quarterly conference calls.

If you, or someone you know, would like more information about our group, or would like to become a member, you may contact:

Patricia A. Lipovsky, President
(386) 255-0288

Whether you are a person with no usable vision, or someone interested in blindness, all are welcome to join.



Patricia Lipovsky

Vice President

Ryan Mann

Recording Secretary

Irene Hewitt

Membership Secretary

Dolor Ginchereau


Barbara Brown

Board Representative

Patricia Lipovsky