Voice Chat for FCB

Thank you for your interest in the Florida Council of the Blind Chat Rooms. To participate, all you need is a Windows PC computer, microphone and a sound card. If you've not done voice chat before, it is not a painful process to get started.

We hope you enjoy your time in whatever the discussion may be. Before you sign in to an FCB Chat Room, here are a couple of things to remember:

1. Use your real name when you sign in.

2. All participants should respect one another, even when the discussions could get out of hand.

Before you can enter the FCB Chat Rooms, you will need to download and install the Talking Communities software being used for these rooms. Once you have done this, then access one of the Chat Rooms at the links below and click on the link for "Click here to enter in the room."

You will then go on to the next screen which is the login screen. This is where you type your real name but you do not need a password even though there is a password field. Just leave it blank.
When you press Enter you should be in the Chat Room you have chosen.

Florida Council of the Blind General Chat Room

Florida Council of the Blind Board and Committee Chat Room

Please E-mail the Chair of the FCB Technology Committee if you have any questions or problems accessing these rooms.

The FCB Chat Rooms are powered by Talking Communities Web Conferencing.