APPENDIX J Administrative Assistant/Project Insight Coordinator Position

Overview of Position and Responsibilities:

Florida Council of the Blind has a position for an Administrative Assistant and a Project Insight Coordinator, which shall be held by one employee. This is a part-time position currently funded at twenty hours per week. It does not offer benefits except for paid vacation. The rate of remuneration will be based on the education and experience of the hired individual.

The employee may not hold an FCB board or officer position during his or her tenure in this position.

The responsibilities for this role will be performed from the employee’s home with information and equipment provided by FCB.

The employee is expected to answer the official FCB phone lines during set business hours and coordinate the ongoing operation of FCB's Project Insight. Messages received after hours must be responded to during the next working day.

The employee will assist with correspondence, answer emails, maintain a number of electronic lists, have access to past and current FCB documents, work with FCB's website administrator, assist with the completion and editing of the White Cane Bulletin, and support the President and other officers as needed.

Prior to FCB’s annual convention, the employee will print and mail the Convention Call and assist members with online registration.

The employee will also perform other duties and tasks as needed.

Required/Preferred Skills:
· A demonstrated proficiency with word processing and spreadsheets is essential.
· The employee must reside in Florida and have at least one year of experience working in an office environment.
· A high level of communication skills is essential.
· Familiarity with the Florida Council of the Blind and the American Council of the Blind is essential.
· Familiarity with adaptive technology is preferred.

Employee Compensation and Evaluation

This position does not include any provision for insurance or retirement as part of its compensation package.


Since some of the hours worked by the employee are currently as Administrative Assistant for FCB, while others are for Project Insight, all of the employee's time sheets shall be sent to the President and to the Chair of Project Insight (supervisors) as well as to the Treasurer. Both shall send an email approval document to the Treasurer to authorize payment for the employee's hours. It is expected that both supervisors will be diligent about checking email when hours are due to be received. The Treasurer should normally wait no more than two days to receive both approvals. At this point, if only one approval has been received, the Treasurer is authorized to pay the employee.

If either supervisor has issues with the reported hours, the supervisors will work to resolve said issues quickly. The employee is paid once a month. In order to streamline the process, the employee is authorized to report hours one business day prior to the
end of the month. Only actual hours worked as Administrative Assistant for FCB or as FCB’s Project Insight Coordinator are to be paid.


At least once per year, supervisors are expected to meet with the employee for the purpose of evaluating the employee's performance. Supervisors may develop and implement specific procedures and time lines that will be used each year to develop and assess goals.

At their meeting, the supervisors and the employee shall develop and agree to a set of goals, not to exceed five. At each annual review, the goals for the preceding year will be discussed, assessed and new goals developed. Performance issues, if any, will be discussed and, if appropriate, specific remedies will be written into a performance evaluation that will be signed by both supervisors and the employee and presented to the members of the Executive Committee for their information. It is general practice for personnel matters to be handled either by the President or the Executive Committee.

Disciplinary actions, up to and including termination, are to be recommended by supervisors but must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Termination shall be reported to the Board of Directors. The actual process of filling the position shall be the task of the Executive Committee.

Hours and vacation

The employee is to receive ten (10) days of paid vacation each year. The employee currently works 20 hours per week. The employee does not need to take vacation to attend FCB Conventions and Board meetings, but must take vacation if planning to attend the ACB Convention.

For more information about Project Insight, see the Project Insight Committee page, under Standing Committees, in this Policy Manual.